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What is HardiePlank?

HardiePlank is a type of cement fibre cladding that is used to mainly improve the exterior of houses. It’s an 8mm thick fibre cement plank that is designed for both internal and external use on renovations and new builds. Manufactured by James Hardie, It is made from a cellulose-fibre and cement composite and offers resistance to moisture, fire, rot and pests. James Hardie assert that they have “found the perfect balance between high-quality Portland cement, sand and cellulose fibre to deliver lightweight, easy-to-cut cladding that installs firm and fast”.

HardiePlank is made from:

  • Cellulose fibre, made from Radiata pine trees grown on a plantation
  • Portland cement
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Small amount of chemical additives to enable durability


HardiePlank can be installed horizontally, vertically and diagonally to create the look you want. There is a diverse palette of 21 colours using ColourPlus technology – during manufacture, multiple coats of paint are applied and between coats Hardiplank is cured and this results in a finish that is resistant to UV rays and fading and the product looks good for longer. There are 2 textures: smooth or wood grain effect and most people choose the wood grain effect.

60s, 70s and 80s houses can look unappealing or dated and HardiePlank is a good solution to improve the appearance of your house. Old timber cladding can look tired and HardiePlank can help here.


As of June 2017, James Hardie uses seventh generation technology to create the most durable Hardiplank ever made. The additives used in the fibre cement are chemically bonded which allow lasting resistance to rain, hail, wind, fire, rot and pests. HardiePlank will not shrink, crack or warp. JamesHardie say that “we created fibre cement to brave any European climate and have the strength to stand strong for many years”. HardiePlank offers up to 3 times more stability than wood and it is resistant to mould and moisture and the material is stable in wet or damp conditions.


HardiePlank is relatively lightweight and quick to install and it’s less brittle and less susceptible to breaking during installation. Clean cuts allow perfectly aligned edges and a firm fit.

Some of our recent installations have had HardiePlank on the top half of the house, whilst the bottom half uses rendering.

We also offer HardiePlank insulation for thermal efficiency of your home.


HardiePlank is ultra-low maintenance. The ColourPlus technology finish does not require repainting and if cleaning is required, soap and water can be used.


The ingredients for HardiePlank are mainly natural, apart from a blend of additives that enhance performance. HardiePlank is recognised as being durable, low maintenance and energy efficient. It contains “only low toxicity and low volatile organic compounds”. It produces less dust and helps to create a healthier work environment.

Insulation can be added behind hardieplank and to an extent, this helps to keep your home warm.

15 Year Warranty

James Hardie fibre cement products are covered by a 15 year limited warranty

Their warranty says that HardiePlank for a period of 15 years from the date of purchase will:

1. not crack, chip, peel, rot or delaminate,


2. resist damage caused by termite attacks

They also warrant that the ColourPlus technology paint on the HardiePlank for a period of 15 years from purchase will not crack, peel, rot or delaminate.

For the full warranty for James Hardie Cladding with ColourPlus please see here:

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