Grey HardiePlank claddingApplying cladding to residential buildings has never been more rewarding, thanks to breakthroughs in manufacturing technologies. Offering many worthwhile features for homeowners across Britain, above all, high-performance cladding systems provide enhanced levels of thermal efficiency, weather resistance alongside an undeniable aesthetically pleasing boost.

So, if you’re contemplating cladding or re-cladding your home in the near future, we’ve taken the time to answer some frequently asked questions regarding this popular home improvement below.

  • For houses that need additional insulation & protection from the elements & pests, external cladding is the ideal option as it cleverly adds a protective layer to the outside. Fibre cement cladding makes an ideal choice for external cladding for houses.

  • As long as a property isn’t a listed building or situated in a Conservation Area, a National Park or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), in England it’s very unlikely that you’ll need to apply for planning permission to apply external cladding.

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  • In effect, cladding is an additional protective barrier so it will practically enhance any property it’s applied to. With such a variety of cladding available, there really is a cladding style for every type of property. For example, corrosive resistant cladding is particularly effective at shielding coastal homes from the elements, whereas metal exterior cladding cannot be penetrated by rain, snow, mould or insects.

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  • Generally, uPVC cladding will work out relatively cheaper than fibre cement cladding due to the simple fact that Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) is produced on a much larger scale. Of course, we cannot give an exact figure on cladding cost as it varies from property to property, largely based on its particular type & size.

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  • There are many different types of cladding in construction. The most popular being:

    • Fibre cement cladding – Most commonly applied to residential buildings & garages, HardiePlank® Cladding has an expected life span of 60 years, can replicate timber with ease & is one of the most fire & pest resistant claddings around.
    • Cellular uPVC weatherboarding – Able to be fixed to any type of building, cellular uPVC cladding is a high-quality, cost-effective timber cladding alternative.
    • Rigid/metal sheet cladding – Industrial & Commercial settings.
    • Timber weatherboarding – Ideal for buildings located in damp climates or coastal properties where there is high risk from salt spray.
    • Glass reinforced concrete (GRC) – popular with architects & engineers of complex structures, due to its flexibility & high-strength.
    • Precast concrete cladding – Used in commercial, residential, retail, leisure, hospitals, schools, etc.
    • Metal composite panel cladding – Generally used in commercial settings, due to their cost effective and & fast installation qualities.
    • Natural stone cladding – Giving the impression that the building is constructed entirely from natural stone, this type of cladding can be applied internally and externally & is used across a variety of applications.
    • Rainscreen cladding – Also known as a ‘drained & ventilated’ or ‘pressure-equalised’ façade, this cladding is a form of double-wall construction where the outer layer repels the rain and the inner layer provides thermal insulation; most commonly used on tall commercial buildings.
    • Curtain wall systems – Most commonly found on large, multi-storey buildings, curtain walls are a type of non-structural cladding that only support themselves and the loads imposed on them.
  • HardiePlank® fibre cement cladding offers 21 diverse colour options.

    Swish uPVC cladding offers 18 colours, which include fabulous foiled colour offerings.

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  • Contrary to popular belief, PVC is an inherently fire-resistant plastic. Swish cellular PVC-U is not only durable, low maintenance and incredibly insulating, it also offers a high degree of fire resistance following various BBA approval inspection tests.

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  • At Kent Cladding, we only offer cladding of the highest quality, so you can be sure this still the case when it comes to the fire ratings.

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  • How long is a piece of string?! … Similar to costings, the amount of time it takes to clad a house varies from property to property, largely based on its type & size, as well as the condition it’s in.

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  • Both cladding product lines that we offer are virtually maintenance-free. Quite simply, once installed, both fibre cement and uPVC cladding will never need painting and will actively resist fading, chipping, peeling and cracking too.

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  • If needed, you can gently jet wash your cladding, ensuring a reasonable distance in between washes to avoid potential damage.

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  • No, HardiePlank® Cladding offers colourfast technology that will last an exceptionally long time, so you won’t need to worry.

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  • We install high-quality cladding across Kent, Bromley, Chislehurst as well as the outskirts of London and Essex.

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  • No, we do not supply. We specialise in the residential installation of low maintenance fascias, soffits, HardiePlank® cladding and guttering.

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  • HardiePlank® exterior cladding includes a 10-year warranty as standard, meaning you ‘re protected for years to come.

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  • Swish uPVC foiled and coloured cladding products include a 10-year guarantee as standard. Furthermore, if you opt for white uPVC cladding, we can offer a 20-year product guarantee, as well as a 50 year extended guarantee offer if you opt for a white rainwater system at the same time.

  • Yes! For a free quotation simply get in touch with the Kent Cladding team by filling out this form.

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